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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we are following breaking news just in tonight. fox 25 has confirmed boston-based fantasy site draftkings has retained former massachusetts attorney general martha coakley as an outside advisory. her assignment is to help on legislative and regulatory matters regarding draft kings. just last week nevada banned the site from operating in the state and the company is under investigation in several states, including here in massachusetts. also breaking tonight two people rushed to the hospital from a fire on harrison street in boston's chinatown. the fire department says it started in a large three story building that houses both businesses and homes and residential properties. there were two restaurants on the first floor that were not yet opened. the victims went to the hospital lived in the building were transported as
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a precaution. >> also tonight hit with a pellet gun all over his body. this dog shot several times right now police want to know who targeted it. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm heather hegedus. right now the search is on for that suspect. erica richie live. >> reporter: mark and heather, it's important not to miss what you just said. both police and the dog's owner believe this was no accident. the dog was hit nine times and that they say indicates intent. let's take a look get to know this dog just a little bit. four-year-old noble you can see the marks all over his body. even a few behind his ears that you can't see. his owner mike stack of rochester says they're wounds from a weapon a bb or a pellet gun. noble was struck sometime after staff let him out around 6:30. stack says he didn't hear any shots or his dog cry in fact he didn't even find the holes until a few hours later when he went to pet
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a vet confirmed b.b.s or pellets were lodged inside but as long as no organs were struck noble will be fine. after meeting him tonight he certainly is full of energy and life. but tonight his family is not. >> you know if you can do something like this to a dog what's next. that's my concern and for all the other animals that unfortunately don't live through a situation like that. >> reporter: as for dog it hurts to you know someone hurt him? >> absolutely. it doesn't make any sense to me. it doesn't make any sense why someone would want to abuse a dog that wouldn't harm a flea. he's just a happy-go-lucky chocolate lab. >> reporter: now the stacks have three children, three young boys who spend a lot of time outside so you can imagine their concern now if they would do this to a dog of course he says what's next. police are investigating. they don't have any suspects right now. so the stacks want your help.
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you saw anything please give rochester police a camp live in rochester tonight, erica richie, fox 25 news. cold enough to put on a coat but not enough to put off the performance. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz with more? >> we won't -- as far south as central vermont seeing some of those different colors. that's where you find some mixing going on. it stands to reason look at some of the temperatures places like mount snow for instance are in the upper 30s at 38 right now. this is wilmington at 39 . over to east it's at 43 . east a little bit into southern new hampshire and northern worcester county you will find some cold temperatures here, too. 40 in new ipswich, new hampshire but even closer in to boston this takes you into middlesex county. carlyle you are down into the upper 30s tonight at 39
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to the west and again west tends to be one of those cooler spots that our spotters give us reports from tonight is 39 even farther west auburn you're at 38 out there in worcester county. sure it is chilly but nothing compared to last night. these temperatures are actually leveling off can rise a couple degreesover night. -- degrees overnight. a violent encounter with a suspect landing three lowell police officers in the hospital tonight. new at 10:00 the lowell sun reporting an officer was attacked by a suspect at a car break-in earlier tonight. witnesses tell the people that the officer was pushed down the stairs two other evers on who were called in for backup were also hurt while arresting the man. all three offers are expected to be okay. a single mosquito bite changing everything in an instant for one local man. he contracted the west nile virus at 6:00 and 5:00 we told you he's now in a new hampshire rehab facility trying to regain control of his body. now at 10:00, our christine mccarthy tells us about the warning he wants to get out
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there. >> it's a struggle. >> reporter: mark maynard will walk again that's what day. >> it will come back. it could be a couple years back. >> reporter: as unbelievably slow as his recovery seems on some days. >> most of my left leg i can it. >> reporter: it's equally incredible how fast mark arrived here in his room at the northeast rehabilitation hospital in nashua. >> very sudden. next thing you're bed ridden you can't walk. the doctors don't know what's wrong with you. >> reporter: 41 years old, mark was the first person to contract west nile virus in massachusetts this year when he was bitten bay mosquito in august. >> i was certainly by the none jersey at my mother's house. >> reporter: eight more victims have been diagnosed in the state since then. two have died. and experts say the threat of the mosquito born virus isn't over until there's a hard frost across massachusetts.
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>> still out there right now. it's still there. >> reporter: that's why mark is sharing his story. >> just protect yourself when you go out. >> reporter: his illness is extremely rare but all too real. >> it's like winning the wrong lottery, really, it seems like a small chance but it can happen. >> reporter: christine mccarthy for fox 55 news. a fire in jamaica plain building causing part of the roop to collapse today. this happened this afternoon on amaury street. the deputy chief said firefighters did the best to check for everyone who might have been inside but parts of the floor and roof had already collapsed when they got there. obviously, we're not going to put the firefighters lives at risk as much as if it was an occupied building with a family inside but we will insofar as possible we will still check as long as it can be done safely. >> the deputy chief there also says tragedies in the past like the worcester warehouse fire helped them to make the choice to keep
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firefighters outside of the building today. catherine greig the girlfriend of mob boss james "whitey" bulger pleaded not guilty today. she was arraigned for refusing to testify about who may have helped bulger. if convicted, it will add an eight-year sentence for victims relatives in court today it's not enough. >> it really doesn't change. she still makes these sick to my stomach. >> greig's lawyer says a longer sentence means she will serve more time than bulger's know torious hitman. the man charged with killing a young swampscott mother jason florie was arrested for the murder of jamie mendez. mendez disappeared last november in january her body was found on a swampscott beach. florie has plead not guilty. low bail set today for the pennsylvania mother who sparked an amber alert in boston over the weekend.
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on friday night 36-year-old tiffany cherry allegedly drove her son more than 250 miles away from a clinic in pennsylvania to boston children's hospital. that child was severely dehydrated. staff at the clinic told cherry that the boy had to stay in the e.r. the boy and cherry's are child are now in d.c.f. custody. bail. boston university police are still looking for a man who raped a student inside her own dorm room. student told investigators she did not know the man who entered her room and attacked her early sunday morning. now a student i.d. is required to enter those dorms or guests must be signed in. police are now looking for a white man college aged with a medium build and brown hair. tonight we have learned the name of a rochester teenagers found dead in a local motel over the week. 17-year-old was found unresponsive at the rivera
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motel start. she was a student at spalding high school. police say her mother and her mother's male friend were also in the room at the time. police are now waiting for autopsy results and are investigating. 72-year-old woman shoved to the ground and later died right before a movie shoot in boston. we first broke this story over the summer. tonight jim morelli is live to show us how the community is honouring her why they waited 100 days to do it. jim? >> reporter: mark, this was a brazen attack happened last july in the intersection right behind me. that 7 2-year-old woman pushed to ground so hard that she fractured her skull and later died. well, today friends and family gathered to remember her. >> and today marks the traditional chinese mourning federer of 100 days. >> reporter: 100 danes 2,000 plus, hours the chinese mourning period may be over but the main over the death
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is not. tonight a few dozen gath ordinary a pad of concrete in chinatown across from the spot where the 72-year-old grandmother was pushed to the ground last summer. by this woman, police say, 24-year-old downing, a day and a half later lloyd died from injuries related to the fall. >> pretty horrible that someone would even think about doing that to someone that's elderly. >> reporter: now the chinatown community has a new concern after downing's bail was reduced last month from $75,000 to $10,000. that even if guilty she will go unpunished. >> you make mistakes you need to have a lip punishment. >> reporter: tonight vigil was not about punishment or revenge or anger it was about remembrance. >> we just want to remember the person that passed away after 100 days. that just lets people know that we didn't forget them. >> reporter: so the candles flickered as the city collapsed into rush hour
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chaos. the 100 day mourning period over but not necessarily the mourning. >> the chinese community here is very tight-knit we all support each other. >> reporter: there again a look at the intersection where this assault happened. this was actually a notable case because it happened in the shadow of a movie set. a remake of ghost busters was being filmed in the area. actually a photographer who was working on that set helped police to locate the suspect. live in chinatown, jim morelli, fox 25 news. narcan stops the deadly effects of heroin well, now tonight it could soon be part of a new supply at yet another local school district. the city now answering parents questions in 15 minutes. in the next half hour attorney challenge into chances to help others. how a marathon bombing survivor is making a difference tonight. plus, dogs, chicken, even a horse. the deplorable conditions
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democratic candidate jim webb saying tonight he may run as an independent. the former virginia senator will discuss his options at a news conference tomorrow. webb complained last week about not having enough talking time during the democratic debate in las vegas. speculation continues to grow around whether vice presidential voluntary biden will decide to enter the 2016 presidential race. he is expected to make an
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hours regarding that decision. in a speech today on climate change, biden did not give any clues. but he did crack a joke about being 10 minutes late. >> i'm the late joe biden, and i just want you to know as much as i love you i've been in a meeting with the opt another matter for last two hours it's hard to say mr. president, you're on your own, i'm leaving. although he is on his own he doesn't need me. >> cnn reports sources familiar with the process said biden's associates are setting up interviews now for potential jobs in his campaign. so vice president biden still remains a wild card right now anyway. but as political reporter sharman sacchetti reveals if biden does announce a bid it could lead to strong ties to massachusetts. >> reporter: if vice president joe biden decides to once and for all make a run for president what does that mean for massachusetts? for one it could mean a vice presidential candidate from this state and perhaps not
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>> i just think she's better box office and i think biden and she would be a very, very potent combination. >> reporter: pat griffin of purple strategy tells me with all the talk surrounding deval patrick as a biden running mate he believes senator elizabeth warren might be an even stronger choice. >> elizabeth warren is a rising star in the democratic party and it assures her a place in line ultimately to ascend to the presidency. >> reporter: griffin adds it's no coin dance the vice president met with the senior senator earlier this year. he points out both parties are struggling with long time insiders as candidates. >> it's a calculation to put someone like warren on the ticket or deval patrick and it could motivate people. >> reporter: it's also worth noting much of the state's delegation has yet to endorse a candidate. stone hill college's says it's true we haven't heard from all of the states top politicians. >> senator warren has yet to be heard from and her voice
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is very powerful in democratic party politics. we haven't heard from the former governor and he still has quite a large constituency that will follow him as well. >> reporter: and then there's the question of whether or not having a massachusetts politician on the ticket can help or hurt your chances. remember, mitt romney, john kerry, and michael dukakis all lost their bid. in boston, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. mashpee school superintendent could face trespassing charges for allegedly entering someone's home. superintendent brian hyde went into the home while conducting a student residency check there in september. police say there's not enough evidence to bring the case to a magistrate for a hearing to decide if hyde could face charges of breaking and entering and trespassing. police arrested a man on o.u.i. charges in leicester after police found his car loaded up with empty beer and liquor containers. the arrest happened nearly a month ago but offers just releasing this these photos here. the man originally said he
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"just left work as a pizza delivery guy." but then apparently fessed up to drinking a bit. officers booked the man on multiple charges. we are learning more about the suspect and victim in a deadly hit-and-run crash. prosecutors say harding admitted to the crash to police and said he made a mistake. defense attorneys also say harding and scoffield were close friends. harding has been released on bail. nearly three dozen animals rescued from a home in derry, new hampshire, officers executed a search warrant friday after neighbors complained. tonight fox 25's kathryn burcham spoke with investigators about the conditions they found inside. kathryn? >> reporter: yeah, police haven't filed charges against the owner but investigators tell me that her animals were starving. the conditions inside her house weren't fit for humans or animals. >> we found the home in deplorable conditions unfit
10:18 pm
and unsafe and sanitary for the animals to live in. >> reporter: gary police say -- derry police say they made a horrifying discovery inside this home on friday. cats, dogs, birds, a guinea pig and injuana starving to death. >> inside the home was feces and urine all over the floors and the cages were not cleaned. >> reporter: out back police say this horse showed signs of severe malnourishment its ribs and spine clearly visible. animal control officers say like the pets inside the horse had little to no access to food. police say they responded to the woman's house before after neighbors complained about the conditions. >> she was doing the best that she could do with the reso you ares that she has for the animals it just wasn't enough. >> reporter: off camera neighbors told us the woman who lives here keeps to her herself. police say she did voluntarily surrender all 34 animals, including 17 chickens. they're now being nursed
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>> beer going to have to have a little road to recovery for them. make sure they're all brought back up to the standards that they should be at. put a little weight back on them. >> reporter: apart from the weight issues the spca says that many of the animals, including the six cats that were taken are suffering from illnesses. they will be available for adoption once they are brought back to health. live in derry, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. some loyal boy scouts are being hailed as heroes after they helped an injured hiker get down a new hampshire mountains. the voice of troop 9 in hiking when they stumbled on a woman who had fallen and spained her ankle. so they fashioned a splint and carried her down down more than two smiles miles. they say they did nothing heroic. >> it's nothing reallyic about we just tried to help out. >> i was so proud of them. the splint was perfect.
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>> doctors told the woman whosts saved that her injury could have been much worse if it had not been for those scouts. she called them her little angels. rhode island coast guard sharing pictures of fishing boat rescue. the crew calling for help after their boat was disabled five miles. the coast guard out of station point judith saved the two main crew. one of the men was suffering from signs of hypothermia. we're following developing news tonight out of south africa where olympian and double amputee oscar pistorius is out of prison tonight. oscar pistorius was released today following his sentence for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. oscar pistorius was moved from prison to house arrest where he's now expected to stay for four years. a bride left by the groom just hours before her wedding. in 20 minutes the generous way she made sure some good came out of a devastating situation. and people handed tickets from police. but it's not what you think. their reward for good behavior in one local town,
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the firefighters and the families of their fallen brothers gathering outside the state house today for the fallen firefighters memorial ceremony.
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the ceremony was held earlier tonight in the park. 24 names of local fallen firefighters were added to the 2015 ring of honor this year. the ceremony is normally held on september 11th but was postponed this year because of construction at the park. a mattapan man charged tonight after police say he waved around a b.b. gun after a high school football game. police say gerald moore had the weapon and was yelling in a threatening manner right near mattson park high school friday night. after a struggle with officers they were able to confiscate that replica gun. lawyers for an aaron hernandez associate are calling on the court to dismiss his indictment for murder. prosecutors claim that carlos ortiz was with the former patriot the night odin lloyd was killed. there are some tonight over security at brigham & women's hospital. nurses say there have not
10:25 pm
been sufficient safety improvements since a doctor was killed in january. dan linski tells the boston globe certain parts can be accessed too easy but the nurses say they are trying in contract talks. if you do something good in concord you can expect to get a ticket from police. it's a coupon for ice cream. following recent police brutality cases the chief will says it's a great way for officers to do something positive in their community. >> beef given out a handful already. the first one was a lobster observe the child who was sitting well. >> offers have also given out coupons for kids wearing helmets and their seat belts as well. >> a lot of people turn to electric for heat now the price you pay no matter what you power up with is going up. the steps you can take right now to lower your energy bill this winter.
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
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the people in upstate new york got an early taste
10:29 pm
of winter recently. two towns about 45 miles north of syracuse received up to nine inches of snow. snow combined with icy conditions caused more than 50 accidents and even shut down part of hi for hours. kevin actually worked in syracuse i remember covering many snowstorms because of the lake effect snows. you know they know snow there but fortunately we didn't have accumulating snow here this weekend? >> thank goodness for that. great university for meteorology there so they know all about that lake-effect snow that comes blowing on in. had some accumulating snow in the northern mountains of new england. about nut southern new england just those snow squalls and flurries that came on through. kind of alarming in the middle of october. if we had had a tenth of an inch yesterday it would have tied the record. tonight look at this see how the color is changing you know all about this we show it every winter. that's that winterized coloring of the radar whether it's mixing or snowflakes falling right now it's in the higher
10:30 pm
elevations in around rutland, vermont, into new hampshire as well a little bit of snow showing up to the north of laconia. so there's some out there. it stands to reason temperatures are quite cold. this will take you into southern vermont you will me of these temperatures are in the 30s tonight. but in new hampshire 39 in southwest new hampshire. but you don't have to go too far to find some of those 30s here in eastern new england and the north shore temperatures are dropping. look at carlyle in middlesex county. 43 in reading then to that south eastern new hampshire area the sea coast but inland places like plas to you 37 . boston holding on to temperatures being a little bit warmer. temperature the hasn't fallen too much. travel out to auburn and worcester counties 38 right now wrentham is down to 40
10:31 pm
cape and thinking they'll have those cold temperatures not us how about this. it disappeared on me. temperatures there are going to steady out. clouds have rolled in and winds are shifting and starting to pick up from the south and southwest tonight. 53 with sun poking out. you are on your way to a fairly mild day. some sun tomorrow. jast small chance for a couple there's around tomorrow won't be a rainy day just a quick sprinkle that comes on by as this
10:32 pm
46 by lunchtime. it's all warm and some of those showers will come south ward. again just random though. just not many out there. then the cold front part of the system there stall over southern new england a few clouds, too. high temperatures much milder. there's no a wind advisefully place. for gusts up to 45 miles per hour during the day tomorrow. shows mild temperatures continuing through thursday then a cooldown coming with
10:33 pm
some sunshine on friday then saturday if sunday both looking about normal for this time of year. keeping overdose reversing drugs handy in schools. we told about this district doing the same. some nashua parents now have some questions tonight. for those not familiar it's used to reverse the effects of an overdose from an opiate-based drug like heroin. with very reported on narcan and tonight it's being debated in new hampshire. drastic times and drastic measures school administrators are considering adding a drug once found only in hospitals to the middle school and high school. i think we know we have
10:34 pm
abuse in our schools. narcan kits and training. school nurses would administer it. >> i want our children to be safe if something happens i want to have everything we can have to deal with. from the cities to the suburbs. back in nashua it's a harsh reality for many students and parents. it's obviously very devastating. >> knowing if there's a way to get out of that kind of situation you know yeah, i guess it would act like a fail-safe.
10:35 pm
were 376 deaths attributed to overdeaths. live in our control room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. learning more details about a jetblue flight that had to be diverted to logan airport that flied took off yesterday however the pleanch had to land at logan after it began having mechanical issues with the plane's flap. several passengers became sick. endangered sea turtle found stranded on a cape cod beach. new at 11:00 why animal experts were so surprised to find this little guy over the weekend. how important survivor heather abbott is helping other amputees reach the
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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>> announcer: you're watching fox 25 news at 10:00. tomorrow we should learn the scores for first round of mark testing who used pencils and paper versus those who used computers. individual scores will be released later this move. the state elementary and secondary education will vote next most on replacing mcas testing with park instead. 40 taxpayers filed a lawsuit against wynn casino over the sale of the $1.-- 1.8 acres of mbta land to wynn. the lawsuit claimed that wynn, the mbta and everett officials were talking about transferring the property without a public bidding process. however, the judge ruled taxpayers do not have legal stand to challenge the deal. wife of a convicted massachusetts political heavyweight is now pleading for inmates with terminal
10:39 pm
illnesses to be repleased from prison. sal dimasi is serving eight years for corruption also battling stage four tongue cancer. last week his wife testified in favor of a compassionate release plan. soon all drone owners will have to be registered with the government. today the secretary of transportation said he wants to have the registry in place before criticisms. a new task force is being created to write the rules for the registry of recreational drones. as you know drones have caused problems for pilots in massachusetts for more than a year. >> finding the drones has not been as much of a problem than finding the person who was using the drones. and the registration is designed to close that loophole. >> well, the specifics of the registry like how much information drone owners will have to provide and even what constitutes the drone versus a harmless toy are expected to be ironed
10:40 pm
ocean researchers on the cape targeted bay cyber attack. hackers went after trade secrets at the research lab. employees all told to change their passwords last week. the hack was detected in june. the group's information may have been compromised for more than two years. investigators say early signs point to chinese hackers. more details now dartmouth college has been awarded the $1 million to help prevent cyber attacks on electric and gas industries. the department of energy awarded the money and dartmouth says the grant will improve the security of the grid. the school adds oil and natural gas infrastructures will also be protected. a wedding goes bust at the last moment. but the bride's family anyway. however, it was on the unlikely guest of honor who really stole the show. plus, heat, light no matter what's on your
10:41 pm
how to keep >> as another winter approaches fox 25 news is sinking into how much massachusetts residents could expect to spend to keep the lights on. >> kerry kavanaugh is in boston with the reason one consumer advocate says this this winter won't be as bad as last year even though rates are going up for some. >> the bill came over it and was whoa what happened here. >> reporter: residents across the area struggled to keep the lights on this past winter. there was some relief during the summer months but another winter is fast approaching. >> we look at this all the time we go over our budget. >> reporter: homeowners like susan are already trying to prepare. >> electric rates change twice a year that's required by the department of public utilities. we reached out to some of the major providers and they
10:42 pm
say rates will be better than they were last winter but going up from where they are right now. >> national grid customer also notice the increase next month in the winter of 2015 customers are paying 16.3 cents per kilowatt hour this summer it was 9.3. november first the rate will increase to 13.1 per kilowatt hour. ever source won't make its rate request until january. larry says this winter should be easier for customers because power companies are locking in their costs at a lower rate. >> power plants that use oil or natural gas are going to be paying a lot less for that commodity to run their power plants this winter. >> reporter: the best thing consumers can do now is find ways to conserve and reduce. >> we thought the refrigerator is old let's change that off. did that. up it went. >> reporter: she says her household has taken steps but she says her bill keeps climbing. so she's bracing for another round of sticker stock this winter. in watertown, kerry
10:43 pm
kavanaugh, fox 25 news. as state lawmakers pushing back against a plan to raise fares on the t. house speaker bob deleo tells the herald that increasing the cost of public transit in july should be a last resort only. the mbta needs to cover $242 million deficit in next year's budget. the next fare hike is budgeted for july of 2017 but the t's control board has discussed moving that up millions of general motors cars being recalled tonight over air bag concerns. that affects in 2015 models. the models include the buick lacrosse, cadillac and gmc terrain and chevy camero. owners will begin getting motivations this week if they are affected. as the holidays approach check your pantry for mini sparkling cider bottles. they are recalling some bottles that could cause cuts when opening them.
10:44 pm
if have you any of the bottles can you return them where you bought them for a full refund. the texas teenager homemade clock to school making a special trip to the white house to go stargazing. 14-year-old ahmed mohamed was invited to the white house for the night of science called astronomy night. the president said tonight "we have to watch for and cultivate and encourage shows glimmers of curiosity." citing mohammed's clock making that got him suspended last month. a heartbreaking situation becoming a night tomorrow for one california family. a sacramento couple was supposed to get married but the groom got cold feet leaving the would-be bride's family with a venue but no wedding. wlrn cancel it she decided to invite the city's homeless to enjoy an extravagant night out. >> when you're going through a hard time and a struggle for you to get out to do something different and with your family you know, it was really a blessing.
10:45 pm
>> i feel a lot of heart ache and heartbreak for her but i, i will take away something really good from this. i will. >> incredible gesture. dwayne's daughter decided not to go to the event but will be joining her mother on a trip to belize for what was supposed to be her honeymoon. here's another incredible gesture. paying it forward that's the goal of the heather abbott foundation started by the marnt bombing survivor. today -- marathon bombing survivor. today a walpole woman received a prosthetic limb from the foundation and our cameras were rolling as we learned why this specific kind of prosthetic is so special to this woman who will be wearing it. hillary cohen is a 56-year-old woman who has never known what it feels like to wear a pair of high heels until today. >> i mean this is very exciting. i this is first time i have ever seen the leg. i think it looks beautiful i feel very tall. >> reporter: because of a medical condition that caused tumors to grow on her
10:46 pm
nerve endings in her leg, hillary was force ed to only wear flats never heels. then two years ago at the age of 24 she made the difficult decision to have her right leg amputated. shortly after the surgery she met marathon survivor heather abbott through a nurse at brigham & women's. >> and i had my high heel leg. on she said i'll never get to wear them now but she thought mine was beautiful. and i said to her i really hope do you have the chance to wear them. >> reporter: the pair became close and today hillary became the first recipient of a special heeled pros at the timic from a foundation heather set -- prosthetic from a foundation heather set up. this after strangers so generously donated to her enabling her to buy seven prosthetics which which hrg says was the key to her emotional healing. >> just knowing how important it was for me as
10:47 pm
this for a gal is amazing. >> they make you feel taller and more confident. it's very important not only to myself but to any woman i believe. >> reporter: the folks at next step byonics in newton help fit cohen for her prosthetic. she says heather abbott has inspired her to play it forward. not quite as cold as we've had the last couple mornings but temperatures are dropping. let's take it all the way up here to the region different colors showing up lakely in the hill tops the highest regions up near where the ski area is. the temperature down near the lake is pretty close to 40 degrees. it's 41 right now. in fact the temperatures are in the 30s in some spots in and around the area. knows will fall a few more degrees then go back up. winds are taking over from the south. some miller temperatures tomorrow.
10:48 pm
how warm we'll be and where winds will be strongest. we're following breaking news about the gaming site draft kings. at 11:00 why the company is counting on former attorney general martha coakley now to help them out. we have already seen a few snowflakes but sharks are still out there. new at 11:00 we'll tell you where this great white was just tagged. >> baseball playoffs continuing tonight the blue jays need a win i'll tell you how things stand in
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twist on a timeless play for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> special day certainly for battle. the patriots women's organization holding a day of pampering for women cancer. patriots players personally delivered 10 personal invitations when they got to gillette they were treated to breakfast, massages, and relaxation yoga. >> no one ever expects to be diagnosed with cancer. you know these days they're
10:51 pm
hard and for someone to extend such a gracious act of kindness it really is motivating. >> participants also got to meet with members of the patriots women's organization and get a tour of the field. american league championship series on fox sports one tonight. the blue jays in desperate need of a win to get back in it with kansas city. it exploded in a big way. we will pick this one up in the bottom of the second. royals were up 1-0. second and third two outs. ryan takes one to left field. look at kevin head first slide gets him home safe 2-1 jays. we head to the third 3-2 toronto. two on that's deep to center call it a three run shot. 6-2 toronto at night. then later in the third it's 7-2. josh donaldson unloads two. run shot into the second deck. 9-2 at that point. last check it's 10-4 in the
10:52 pm
eighth inning it looks like the blue jay also make it 2-1 in that series. patriots 5-0 keeping pace in cincinnati have gotten through their first sixth unscath the. it's a play you will take about for years. it will always come up somehow chuck pagano thought this was a good idea but it backfired sew was answering questions about it after the 34-27 loss. >> that's all on me. i take full responsibility on that i didn't do a good enough job of getting that communicated to the guys and obviously played a huge factor in this loss. >> so another tough night when it comes to injuries for the pats offensive line that's already thin took another hit. marcus cannon left with a toe injury. matthew slater had to be helped off the field after he hurt his knee in the second half. and jamal had a really good year. the pats approach week 7
10:53 pm
with the jets coming to town on sunday. celtics regular season opener next wednesday night at home against philly. stalify pre-season games to play. still new faces. second quarter celts will be down 53-51. watch marcus smart drive the lane and get the rebound and throw it home. third quarter nets up one. amir johnson showing why danny ainge wanted them. finished with 15 today. later in the third terry had a big night celts up two. terry led the way tonight with 16 points. head to the fourth nice pass here. finishes that off with the dunk. celtics win 111-105. since it's so much fun we will leave with you this little bit of genius. somebody re-created the colts two tile fake. check this out.
10:54 pm
hut. >> pretty good. i can remember many miss the playing tech mobile. more sports straight ahead on the fox 25 news at 11:00. a dog shot over and over again with a pellet gun. now at 11:00 why its owner thinks his dog was targeted. tracking those clouds moving in tonight chance for showers tomorrow. plus, how warm we'll be. >> he's recovering from something that killed many people. a local man who got in-- infected with west nile. how he thinks he got the virus and the problems he's making to himself. will joe biden run for president? the signs about his future that have political tongues wagging. fox 25 has confirmed that draft kings has retained former massachusetts attorney general martha coakley as an outside advisor. according to the company, her assignment is to help on legislative and regulatory matters regarding draft kings. draft kings is facing an
10:55 pm
onslaught of legal issues
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